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Evalyn was created from the love of Photography and the need to be more creative. We, Lynne and Bonnie, are mothers to two children each, nature lovers and passionate about all photography.


Lynne: I often feel that our children grow up too fast, our parents age too quickly and with the blink of an eye, these beautiful family moments are gone forever. What I love to do, is capture these moments and turn them into memories you can cherish for a lifetime.


Bonnie, as a graphic artist and painter by trade, I have always also had a passion for photography. One of my oldest memories is of my father taking photos of wildlife in the Kruger National Park. He definitely passed his love and wonder onto me, because one of my favourite things to do is photograph nature. Lets have fun, create magic and capture the little moments.

When you decide to have beautiful photographs taken, you can expect both Bonnie and Lynne to photograph from many different angles to capture those candid and true moments and should you wish to, we are more than happy to include some constructed, posed photos.

Our sessions are easy, comfortable, honest and real and we hope to make you as comfortable in front of the lens as we are behind it.

Click on the gallery to see the style of images you can expect from a shoot with us.

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